Amalgamations, an Exhibition by Brennan Probst

The UNO-St. Claude Gallery is excited to present Amalgamations, an exhibition by Brennan Probst, from March 9th through April 7th, 2019.

Regarding his MFA thesis, Probst states:

“My work explores time, memory, and the artist’s ability to convey experience through
autobiographical photographs and drawings. Circumventing the objective, static qualities of photography, my compositions offer an intimate look into my life, while making wider observations about how my mind processes the world. I attempt to create images that convey how experiences feel, instead of how they look through the lens of an optical apparatus. With my work, I do not wish to take from the world around me, but rather to create from the world within me. By utilizing multiple exposures and collage techniques, as well as drawing, I investigate how I experience and remember my life and the people most important to me.”

An opening reception for Amalgamations will be held on March 9th, from 6PM – 9PM.

Regular gallery hours are Sat-Sun, 12-5 p.m. 
Please direct any inquiries to Tony Campbell via email at or
call the gallery during open hours at 504.948.6939


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