“Heat and Ambiguity” – Sarah Marshall

We are extremely pleased to host a solo exhibition of prints by University of Alabama – Tuscaloosa, Associate Professor of Studio Art Sarah Marshall titled “Heat and Ambiguity.” The artist states that the work in the show “explores the conflicting voices, both internal and external, that guide how we behave. Abstract gestures and stylized figures represent the human desire for escape, belief, longing, and growth. Disembodied facial features and limbs interact with symbols of security, desire, fear, and failure, serving as metaphors for both the persistence and impermanence of the self. The acts of cropping, cutting, pasting, rubbing, and stitching mimic the way our minds disassemble and reconfigure fragments of daily life, recording and replaying them on repeat loop.”


The gallery, located at 2429 St. Claude Ave., will host an opening reception on Saturday, August 12th, from 6-9 p.m. The exhibition will run from August 12 – September 3, 2017. Regular gallery hours are Sat-Sun, 12-5 p.m. Please direct any inquiries to Kathy Rodriguez via email at klrodri2@uno.edu or call the gallery during open hours at 504.948.6939.


Sarah Marshall

Resting State


16 x 20”

mixed print media



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